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MASSIVE CHALICE, Season 2, Episode 1: Bear Punchers and Crocodiles

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The first time you play any game it can be magical. Depending on the game, the first playthrough may frighten you, shock you, make you cry, stump you, or simply make you hate it. And no matter how many times you play it, you will not ever get that same experience. Dark Souls is an example of a game that is just positively magical the first time through.

When I started my playthrough of MASSIVE CHALICE, I figured that I would get a few views from people who didn’t have access to the game. However, the series has been quite successful, with several thousand views and a high degree of participation. I did it mostly for fun and to practice speaking while I played, something that I am quite terrible at.

I had so much fun and garnered so much positive feedback, that I decided to do a second playthrough of the game. This second playthrough I want to focus on the Caberjacks and Alchemists, classes which took a back seat to the Hunters in my first time through the game.

I also have a hero bloodline, submitted by one of my followers: House Flügermeinz. House Flügermeinz is a family of aggressive Alchemists who are obsessed with individual strength, and they look down on others who exhibit weakness. Flügermeinz don’t like to be weighed down in battle, so they do not carry accessories. Also, they are very particular about whom they marry, seeking only the strongest to maintain the strength of their bloodline.

I am very excited to take what I learned from my first playthrough and put it to good use here. I’m also excited to try things that I didn’t get a chance to try my first game. Ramcap Cabers, Pillar Slingers, and Wunderpants are all on the agenda.

Oh, in addition to saving the world, that is.


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