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My heroes carefully approach a Rupture, who is hiding behind a giant rock.

MASSIVE CHALICE, Season 2, Episode 3: Getting Your Boots Dirty

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If you are familiar with Starcraft 2, then you surely know of the baneling. The baneling is a small, green Zerg unit which is basically a cross between a caterpillar and an aphid, with an engorged abdomen, filled with all kinds of wonderful goo.

Whenever a baneling dies, either voluntarily or from being hit with a round from a siege tank, this wonderful goo spills everywhere, damaging enemy units and causing them to melt away. This suicidal unit is very similar to MASSIVE CHALICE‘s Rupture units, which have equal disdain for both their own lives and the lives of their enemies.

Perhaps it is for this reason that Ruptures are some of my favorite enemies in MASSIVE CHALICE. Even when you know you can kill them, you must decide how best to kill them. You can ram into them with your cabers, to be sure, but then you’ll be rocking wounded cabers with weakened armor for the rest of the round.

The best part is that when the Ruptures die they explode, not only allowing for some cool tactical decisions and options (such as Ruptures hurting other Cadence), but they also drop their corrosive juices on the battlefield, forever tainting a small bit of land.

Overall, a fun enemy to work around.


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