Nerdsworth Academy

Winter Gisling prepares for her first battle, her family's relic weapon in hand.

MASSIVE CHALICE Playthrough PART 14: Brace Yourself, Winter [Gisling] is Coming

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As I mentioned in part 11 of my MASSIVE CHALICE playthrough, relic weapons are a bit of an issue with me.

Then along game Winter Gisling, a talented Hunter hailing from the upper branch of House Gisling. I equipped her with Clock Ticker, the family relic weapon, and [spoiler alert] smashed the Cadence into silence.

It was glorious. With every kill, not only did she gain experience, but so did the Clock Ticker. By the end, it was a considerably more powerful weapon than when she first held it.

I then made the mistake of retiring her, preventing any of her clan from using the weapon for the next 50 years.


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