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Ariane Gisling prepares for battle by equipping Clock Ticker, the Gisling relic crossbow.

MASSIVE CHALICE Playthrough PART 11: Dust Off the Family Relics

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Welcome to part 11 of my MASSIVE CHALICE beta playthrough!

In this episode, I try to take advantage of the relics left behind by a few of my heroes.

This is something that had vexed me up to this point (truthfully, it still does a bit): I find it hard to keep track of all of the relics. Because of this, I end up doing silly things like assigning heroes with relics to be regents of keeps, which removes the relic from my retinue for a long time, barring a keep attack on that particular bloodline.

I wish that there was an easy way to see who has access to the relic. Perhaps a separate screen in the “Heroes” tab on the capital would suffice. Also, it would be helpful if while at the keep, you could see to whom the relic had been bestowed, and what that character was up to at that time (in the retinue, at the sagewrights guild, a standard, whatever).

In any case, managing relics is something that I’m definitely trying to take advantage of and to not squander away, especially since I got called out on it on my YouTube comments, twice.


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