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MASSIVE CHALICE Beta Playthrough, PART 3: A Wrinkle in the Plan

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My journey in the beta of MASSIVE CHALICE continues. Yet another keep comes under attack. Can the Regeant escape the invasion by a cohort of Wrinklers, foul monsters talons not only inflict grievous wounds, but also age the target by a few years.

This is an enemy that affects not only the battle, but potentially the strategic layer of the fight as well. If an older hero takes a few hits from a Wrinkler, that hero may find him or herself with a foot in the grave before the battle even ends. Then, once you advance the timeline, they will surely fall to “natural causes”.

Given that the epic timeline of multiple generations is a key aspect of MASSIVE CHALICE, I hope that more of the enemies use this kinds of interactions.

But that is neither here nor there. Without further ado, part three!


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