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MASSIVE CHALICE Playthrough PART 24: The Sacrifice of a Great House

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The Cadence has advanced and is now threatening to overcome two of my keeps: the keep of House Page, a younger house of Alchemists that took over the keep after the last member of House Vera died of old age. The second keep is Skirnir Tower, the keep of the upper branch of House Gisling, a house of Hunters, and home to some of my most powerful heroes.

This is not an easy decision.

From a tactical perspective, it is easy. House Gisling is clearly more important to the war effort. Losing their keep would also lose a critical dexterity bonus to all of the Hunters in the nation. House Page produces many fine Alchemists, but House Rouleur and House Nord do as well.

From an emotional perspective, the decision isn’t so clear. Even with the loss of their first keep, House Gisling would continue through its lower branch in a keep closer to the capital. House Page, on the other hand, would be completely eliminated, and there would be no where to place the remaining members of the House.

Either way, this one will not have a happy ending.


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