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Hello everyone!

It has been a long time since I worked on my blog. Almost a year, in fact, since I last wrote about my gaming adventures. Needless to say, it has been far, far too long!

You may notice that the blog has a new name. I decided that Too Much Zerging, while close to my heart, was not quite holding up as well as I thought that it might. I feel as though it wasn’t properly capturing the essence of what I want to accomplish.

It also had the disadvantage of being somewhat difficult to explain at parties.

I decided that I want to take this blog in a slightly more academic direction, and so after many hours of pondering, I have decided to rename it to Nerdsworth Academy. I like to think that it describes a place which is both playful and enlightening. And those two things are very important in games, since play and learning are very much linked.

My content will be shifting as well. While I will still write reviews and impressions of games that I’m playing, I want to focus a little more on current events and game-related media, such as books and movies. I hardly ever wrote about them before, but I seek to change that.

Along with the new name came a new design, based off of Zurb’s Foundation framework. There are still a number of kinks that I need to work out, specifically fixing some display issues on mobile browsers and possibly reworking some of the navigation, but I felt that it was in a usable place and I would rather get back into writing than spend my days fixing a few lingering CSS issues.

So, it is off to the races! I already have a wonderful queue of things to write about, and I am eager to get going.

Let’s play! 🙂


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