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New Site Structure(s) in the Works

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Hey all,

In an effort to try and improve the quality of my blog, I’ve been trying to re-organize the site. You may have noticed the menu items up above the main content area that allow you to check out different posts based on their category. Don’t get too comfortable with those categories and labels though; they’re still very much in flux. I’m having issues getting everything to fit into a half-dozen categories cleanly, without having a bunch of sub-categories.

Another part of the re-organization of the blog is a change-up in post types. I’m trying to come up with a handful of new types of posts to keep things fresh. For instance, I’ve decided that on Mondays I want to post about a specific mechanic in a game, and why I think it’s cool and helps the game, or why it sucks. My examination of the incredible strategic zoom feature in Supreme Commander was the test run for that column. Another recurring column I’ve thought about are Under 10 Tuesday, where I do a quick mini-review of a game that is available for under $10. Maybe it’s an indie game, maybe it’s a classic that is now available on the cheap. I think I will alternate between these two. In addition to these, I’m hoping to increase the range of media that I review with more book & movie reviews, fiction and non-fiction, but all of which have to do with gaming, of course.

Don’t worry, I’ll still post long reviews of great games & miscellaneous nerdrage journal entries. And perhaps even have more arts & crafts gaming posts as well.

I’m also planning to mess with the homepage feature to make it more user-friendly. Oh, and I’m collecting a list of great quotes from games and going to add in a little quote-box widget which randomly displays quotes from games. Just because.

As far as the ETA goes for these changes, it’ll take some doing. You’ll definitely see some additional changes/features in the coming month or two. I’ll have to redo the metadata for many of the older posts and make sure that everything can fit into the new structure. But it’ll be worth it.



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