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Starcraft 2: The Beta (!!)

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Hey all,

Just a quickie update: my bestest friend in the whole world has bestowed upon me a Starcraft 2 Beta key.  So hopefully I’ll be able to post some *real* experiences with it now! I am so, so pumped. Or, more like, I will crawl into my apartment and not come out until my food stocks are depleted and I have dropped out of school.

I am currently downloading the client and slightly shaking; clearly I need my fix.  Is it possible to have an addiction to something that you have never experienced? I wonder. I’ll try to post some first impressions over this weekend if I can pry myself away from the game.

I <3 Marty for giving me a key.  <3 <3 <3 

What’s on the burner still: I want to get around to writing about my impressions of Warhammer Online (my second attempt at getting into it), Mount & Blade: Warbands, and Command and Conquer 4, and Dragon Age: Origins, but first I must satiate myself with a bit of (okay, let’s be honest here, it’s going to be a binge gaming session ending probably six to eight hours from now) Starcraft 2!  I’ve needed more zerglings in my life… I’ve missed them so much.

Now if only I hadn’t jinxed it.  Something may still go wrong.  Ack.  Better stop before I chance it too much. 

Cheers everyone!



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