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Third Age: Total War + IRL Stuff

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Hey all,

I know I said that I would write some more Starcraft 2 beta impressions.  And I will.  However, before I get down and dirtier with the beta that is consuming my life, I just thought that I would write a little bit about an awesome mod for Medieval 2: Kingdoms.  Also, I will be finishing up with my final projects here in a few days, so expect more frequent updates when all that I have to fill up my time is gaming and my new job. 

In any case, onto the game!

Medieval 2: Kingdoms: The Third Age.

I stumbled upon this little (okay, it’s pretty freaking huge) mod a few weeks ago and have been playing it off and on.  It’s based off of Tolkien’s Middle-Earth, where the player takes control of orcs, elves, humans, and dwarves.  

For my Very Hard/Very Hard campaign, I have taken up Rohan’s banner and will bring it glory and victory!  So far it has been pretty damned tough; while I managed to fight off the first Dark Crusade against Edoras, I doubt that I will be able to fend off the second (right around Year 3000 of the Third Age), as my armies are off to the Northwest having just finished off Isengard. 

The evil factions (particularly Mordor/Orcs of the Misty Mountains/Isengard) all field huge armies of heavy infantry, often with lots of pikes and spears which make using cavalry difficult.  Not only am I outnumbered 2:1 (or worse) in pretty much every battle, but defending cities is painful since my heavy infantry are no match for the swarms of baddies that are constantly streaming over me.  For some reason, the orcs seem to be able to get around the campaign map faster than my horsemen, which doesn’t feel right to me.  Anyway, I’ll write a bit more when I get the time and post some juicy screenshots. 

Till then,





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