Nerdsworth Academy


Effective: 21 August 2014.

Honesty, Transparency, and Promises

I will always tell the truth. I won’t lie to you. I may phrase my views in a soft manner to be more political, but I will not lie or say things that I do not believe. My views may change, however.

I will let you know if I am reviewing a product that I received as a gift or as a demonstration version.

I will try to post as consistently as possible.

That said, I will try to post the highest quality content possible. If I don’t think that something is going to be interesting, enlightening, valuable, or otherwise entertaining, I won’t post it.

I will proofread each of my posts several times and fix all of the mistakes I see. I promise to never use “literally” for emphasis. I hate that.

Corrections and Amendments

Sometimes I make mistakes. I’ll do my best to correct grammatical and factual errors that I may make.

If a factual change is made more than a few minutes of publishing a post, this will be marked with a strike through and the correction in bold. Here’s an example:

My favorite game is Dragon Age 2. CORRECTION: This is incorrect. My favorite game is Star Control 2.

Grammatical mistakes, on the other hand, will simply be fixed, unless they were so grievous as to change the meaning of a sentence or paragraph.

Leave me a comment on the post if you see a factual error or grammatical mistake. I’ll amend it as soon as possible.

Privacy Policy

This website uses Google Analytics for tracking purposes. This helps me get a better idea about who my readers are and the kinds of posts they like to read and interact with.

If you choose to comment on a post, I will not disclose your IP, email address, or username to a third party. Also, it doesn’t hurt my feelings if you include a fake email address and throwaway username in your comment.

Comment Policy

If I wanted simply to blather on and not get any input from anyone, I would turn off the comments and be done with it.

That is not what I want. I want to be part of a thriving conversation about people’s experiences with games, what makes them fun, what makes them aggravating, and ultimately, what makes them an important part of so many people’s lives, my own included.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when deciding to comment:

  • When I’m wrong, tell me why I’m wrong. Call out other posters as well.
  • Take your time when posting. Avoid grammar and spelling mistakes.
  • No ad hominem attacks. Counter the argument, not the person.
  • Keep the swearing to a minimum.
  • Don’t be a jerk.
  • Don’t be a troll.
  • Don’t post “FIRST” or “me too” posts. Before submitting a comment, ask yourself: “Does this add to the conversation?”
  • Credit other people’s ideas if you reference them.
  • I reserve the right to censor the comments as I see fit. I am loathe to do this, but I may have to. The First Amendment does not apply here.
  • Most importantly, have a good time and enjoy the company of others