Nerdsworth Academy


Hello world,

My name is Daniel Whitehead and I’ve been in love with video games for over two decades. It began when I picked up a Gravis Gamepad and played Star Control 2. The game hypnotized me with its colorful aliens, adrenaline-pumping ship-to-ship action, and humorous writing. I realized then that games have so much more going for them than high scores.

This blog is my personal outlet into the world, my own spin on games. Sometimes that outlet will be a review of a game that I’ve been playing. Sometimes it will be a live stream of me playing a game and narrating my thought process. Or sometimes it will be a thought that I had about a game or gaming in general.

I’ve played a wide range of games over the course of my gaming career. While I do play console games occasionally, the majority of my gaming career has been on the PC, and so the majority of my posts will be about PC games.

The name of this blog is meant to bring to mind the iterative nature of learning. I want to play a game, think about it, and then play it again with a refined understanding.