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Let’s Play Dead Space | Part 1: Everything According to Plan

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Hey all,

In accordance with the best of holidays, Halloween, I decided to play something that would send the chills down my spine. I selected Dead Space, an action/horror game developed by EA Redwood Shores and published by Electronic Arts in 2008. Essentially, you are stuck on a giant starship that is full of alien zombies, known as Necromorphs, who are the remains of the crew horribly mutated into… monsters. Needless to say, chills went down my spine and shrieks went into my microphone. I think that I may actually record my entire first playthrough of the game as I thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere and spookiness of my first play session.


This video contains graphic content from a mature rated video game. Do not watch it before you go to eat. You may want to leave the light on while you watch it as well.


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