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Modern Warfare Jammies.

Call of Duty: Pajama Warfare?

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So I was in K-Mart the other day and I ran across a pair of pajamas… but not just any pajamas: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 pajamas.

Okay. I get it. Companies want to make as much money as they can with their brand names. That’s cool. Gaming has increased its level of “okayness” in society over the last couple of decades and shrugged off its stigma, so modern gamers aren’t frightened to show their gaming pride. Cool!

Yes, Modern Warfare jamjams. Not the best shot in the world, but it gets the point across.

It just seemed so weird to me to see this one item of clothing in the entire store that had a gaming mark on it. Granted, MW2 was heavily advertised and the reviews that I’ve read have been overwhelmingly positive. It’s a huge commercial success, so why not augment that success with some merchandise? But commercial gaming success is, in my mind, something wildly different from having pajamas with the game’s logo available in a mainstream chain store.

Can it be, I’m almost too scared to say it, is gaming cool?

Why was it pajamas? I guess I could understand if the item wasn’t pajamas, like a Modern Warfare undershirt, or sweatshirt, or sweatband. Or if it was for sale at some kind of specialty shop; some counterculture nook in the mall; some independent company that specializes in game-related gear, like Jinx. But seriously, PJs at K-Mart? That just tickles me all over. Now I’ll just have to do some thinking as to precisely why.

For the record, I haven’t even played Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. I did love Modern Warfare 1 though, so I may end up picking it up.

How about this, after I get my hands on MW2, I’ll buy the damned pajamas if it is awesome.



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