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Preparing a fun Third Age: Total War Recap

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Hi all,

Just writing a quick update as it’s been far, far too long since I’ve done so. 

I’m currently working on a cool recap of my Third Age: Total War campaign.  I played as Rohan, and played the game on Very Hard / Very Hard (campaign and battle difficulty).  Let’s just say that it took a long freaking time to complete the campaign, but boy was it epic.  +1 to the development team.  I started the campaign way back in early Spring (I believe my first saved game is from April) and just finished a couple of days ago.  And this was playing for an average of an hour or so a day.  Yes, it took probably over 100 hours to complete, with me personally directing somewhere near 300 battles.  Epic all around.

Anyway, I’m preparing some screens from my campaign and will hopefully have them up in a couple of days. 

Don’t think that I have forgotten about Starcraft 2 either.  Oh no, do not think me that insane! I am merely trying to stave off the withdrawal (though I have been playing a few custom maps).  And I still need to write a generally bitchy review of 2.0, as it is probably the most disappointing part of any Blizzard product that I have ever played.

Until then,




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